20.01.2017, 09:08

 With gladness informing you, that from January of 2017, partnership rewards will be increased!

If you are already a partner of our company, we hope that this novation will be a pleasant surprise.

If you are currently one of our trading-client, then knowing all of the benefits that trading with us brings to you, you can open a partner account and start to refer your friends.

That will get you a share of the commission from their trading as a partner reward

Become a partner of GKFX

Chart with new rewards for partners:

Total volume for the month
in USD terms

No. of new active clients
referred for the month

Introducing Broker’s

From 0 to 1 0 10%
From 1 to 10 1 15%
From 10 to 100 1 20%
From 100 to 500 1 30%
From 500 to 1 000 1 40%
Over 1 000 1 50%