FOREX is the international currency market (FOReign Exchange). The daily volume of the Forex market reaches several trillion dollars, which is why it’s so popular. Even a minuscule percentage of such volumes would be enough to ensure a rather well-off existence for large companies, not to mention private traders and investors.  For many people, making Forex a permanent part of their lives begins with a simple passing encounter. 

So what makes Forex so popular? Forex is an off-exchange market which operates outside of local time constraints and borders. This means you can trade Forex around-the-clock and from anywhere in the world. For many professional traders, half an hour a day—or sometimes even half an hour a week—in front of the computer is enough to make serious money. Furthermore, they can do it while lounging around on a beach in Miami or Goa. 
You do have to keep in mind, however, that trading in any financial market is not easy and does carry risk—but it certainly is interesting. Therefore, before jumping into this exciting world, we recommend first checking out the Risk Notification. You should also do a bit of studying and get some experience. This may require time and effort from the trader. For its part, GKFX is happy to offer all the necessary tools for studying and trading. 

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