The journey of a professional trader is long but interesting. For many young traders, their first trade on a demo account ends up becoming something they do for the rest of their lives. Each day, around 4 trillion dollars are traded on the Forex market. The main job of the trader is to “bite off” a little piece of that enormous sum, which could provide for him for the rest of his life. How to get started in the world of big money? The fact that you’re reading this means that you have already gotten started. Next we’ll give you a couple of practical pieces of advice.   

Start learning how to trade by practicing on a demo account. 

Open a demo account

Once you have gotten to the point where your trading on your demo account is consistently profitable, then you should get started trading with small sums of real money. The most important thing is to always adhere to the rules of capital management and never trade with borrowed money or money you can’t afford to lose. In order to quickly reach the point where you are trading in the positive, you need to read up on technical and fundamental analysis of the market as well as about how to manage your capital.  Our forum can help you gain the necessary information.

Open a trading account

The peak in the evolution of a trader is asset management. A trader can earn enormous amounts of money by managing assets, all without having to make any investment himself, except of the intellectual sort. But to become a professional manager, you need to have a positive trading history over a fairly long period of time. Start your journey with GKFX and we’ll try to make it as comfortable and effective as possible.