PAMM service is a natural and convenient method to bring together investors and professional asset managers.

Once investor joins the PAMM service, he can enjoy the benefits of FOREX trading without having to study it himself.

PAMM Investor doesn't need to look for a good asset managers, as he would if he had chosen a traditional investment contract: it is enough to choose an appropriate PAMM from the Rating. There is also no need to authenticate a manager's trade history or to draw any charts: PAMM service will do it for you automatically.

On the other hand, PAMM Manager will neither be able to withdraw investors' funds, nor to cheat while calculating his remuneration.

Moreover, PAMM Investor will not face limitations on the minimum capital which are typical for investment contracts. This in turn means that he will be able to construct a diversified portfolio using but a small amount of money.

Features of GKFX investment accounts

  1. Individual Trading Intervals for each investor
  2. Investors have protection from potential fraudulent activity
  3. Manager's remuneration depends on the length of investment
  4. All withdrawal Requests are processed immediately
  5. Conditional deposit and withdrawal Requests *

How to become an investor

  1. СRegister your Client Cabinet and become a GKFX client;
  2. Create a real trading account and deposit to this account the exact amount of money you are willing to invest;
  3. Find a suitable PAMM from the PAMM Rating and create an Investment Account with this PAMM;
  4. Create and submit a Deposit Request to transfer funds from real trading account to your Investment Account;
  5. As soon as your Deposit Request is processed, you are in for the profit!