Subscribing to Signals

The operation principles of the Trading Signals service are simple enough. Select a Signals Provider and subscribe to it. From that moment on, all deals are copied on your account. You can easily subscribe to a signal right in the trading terminal.

To do this, you need to download MetaTrader 4, if you still have not done that. Besides, you should have an active If you do not have it, and receive your account within a few minutes. The data on this account should be specified in the terminal settings to start using Signals.

Настройки терминала перед началом работы с сигналами

Now, find Signals tab in Toolbox window. There you will see a full list of all available signals. They all work on our server, as it ensures the high execution quality and absence of delays. However, if you want to work with Signals Providers on other servers, then be prepared for delays. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to Signals Providers working on our servers. This will provide you with steady and timely execution of the trading signals you are subscribed to.

Список доступных сигналов в торговом терминале MetaTrader 5

Now, you should only select a suitable signal in the trading terminal and subscribe to it. Subscription to a signals source will be set with standard parameters: the current moment will be set as a start date and duration will be set for one month.

Carefully examine the trading parameters of the selected signal before subscribing to it. All signals displayed in the terminal are provided with detailed statistics, as well as growth and balance charts. This will help you make the right choice and find the signal that matches your criteria.

Статистика торговли выбранного сигнала

So, the signal is selected. Click "Subscribe" button and specify necessary parameters in Options window that opens immediately. There you can define the load of the deposit (for example, 50% of deposit), trading stop level (equity level, at which trading should be stopped), as well as spread levels.

Настройки подписки на выбранный сигнал

After subscribing to the signal, your trading account will be synchronized with the Provider's one. After that, all trading operations will be automatically performed on your account.

Possible Issues

In some cases, when trying to synchronize your deals with the Provider's ones, you can see a warning message:

  1. Suppose that a trading position or an order is opened on your account. In this case, synchronization will not be launched automatically when trying to subscribe to the signal. You will be asked to decide whether to manually close all positions and delete pending orders or agree to an immediate synchronization. In the second case, all positions not related to the Provider's signals will be forcefully closed at the current price, while pending orders will be removed.

    Счет подписки не готов к синхронизации

  2. If a profit on the Provider's account is positive, you will be asked to wait for better market conditions. That will allow you to enter the market at a price that is not worse than the Provider's one. Immediate synchronization is also possible, but you will bear all the risks in that case. You can find more information about the recommended conditions of the initial synchronization here.

    Синхронизация невозможна, так как позиция провайдера в прибыли

We strongly recommend that you review the incoming system messages carefully and do not choose immediate synchronization. Otherwise, you will bear all the risks and your consent to use the signal and perform immediate synchronization will be saved in the terminal logs.

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