About Partnership Program

  • Are you tired of "bucket shop" brokers that don't let your referrals trade normally by impairing trading conditions in case they have even the slightest profit?
  • Do you regularly earn less and therefore ineffectively use your traffic, because of broker's "trade execution peculiarities" for your clients?
  • Are you bothered to constantly get a negative feedback about broker's service from your referred clients?
  • Do you actively bring new clients, but they loose their trading balance so fast that you have no time to get rebates?
  • Are you facing unclear reporting and delayed rebates payoffs every month?

If you have answered affirmatively to at least one of the questions above, then GKFX partnership program is exactly what you need!

We offer you:

  • The partnership program with no conflict of interest, where the Company is interested in Partner's and his referrals' profit and in a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!
  • A great opportunity to get a constant profit without any risks or extra investments!
  • Rebates up to 50% from GKFX commission from each of your referrals' trades!

Our partnership program will suit everyone:

  • novice and experienced web-masters, SEO and SMM specialists, traders and analysts aiming to monetize their online or offline audience;
  • those who just want to recommend a good Company as a reliable partner to their friends and acquaintances.

How to become a GKFX Intoducing Broker

  1. Register a GKFX Client Cabinet, if you don't have one yet.
  2. Log into Client Cabinet andopen a ECN.MT4 account ECN.MT4 with a USD account currency.
  3. Agree with the Regulations for Partnership Program. .
  4. Send a request to partners@gkfxecn.com  in any format from your registration email address, indicating the number of the just-opened ECN.MT4 account.
  5. Once your request is processed by GKFX client service, you will receive a reply email with a unique ID and referral link and detailed instructions for using them to bring new clients.

Become an Introducing Broker Of GKFX

Why work with GKFX

GKFX is the Company that is worth offering to clients and recommending to friends!

GKFX Partnership Program advantages

  • Rebates from each of your referred client's trade.
  • Progressive rebates scale from a growth of your referrals' trade volumes.
  • Multilingual website giving an opportunity to work with international audience.
  • Rebates up to 50% from GKFX commission.
  • Convenient client registration and account depositing procedures result in your high trafic-to-profit conversion rate.
  • Wide range of GKFX promo-materials (banners, advertising texts, etc.) for placing to your website or blog and for other promotion channels.
  • Professional marketing help, advice for online and offline customer acquisition methods.
  • Qualified 24/5 support  and a personal manager for each Partner.

Terms and Conditions

According to the Regulations for Partnership Program,  every month GKFX pays out bonuses on all accounts of each Client referred by the Introducing Broker. As a bonus, Introducing Broker receives a part from commission received by GKFX from the total trading volume of his reffered Clients for the month. For STP accounts the equivalent of commission, that should have been received by GKFX from the similar total trading volume on ECN accounts, is taken as a basis for calculations. A part of commission set for a particular Introducing Broker depends on the total trading volume of Clients referred by this Introducing Broker:

Total volume for the month
in USD terms, million USD. 
No. of new active clients,
referred for the month
Introducing Broker’s
From 0 to 1 0 20%
From 1 to 100 1 30%
From 100 to 1 000 1 40%
Over 1 000 1 50%
Become an Introducing Brokerof GKFX